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e-Distribution Licenses

Exempt Distribution Licenses for Consumer Products

Industries producing and distributing consumer products that contain byproduct material or source material are required to obtain exempt distribution licenses. License approval certifies the products do not pose unreasonable risk to public health or environmental safety and have been manufactured, evaluated and distributed in accordance with regulatory compliance.

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. assists industrial facilities in meeting NRC, Agreement States or government regulations for e-distribution licenses, including NUREG-1556 Vol. 3 and 8. Our radiation consultants have provided radiation safety traininglicensing guidance and liaison services to help facilities obtain various types of e-distribution licenses, including:

  • C-14 urea capsules
  • Certain Industrial Devices
  • Exempt concentrations and items
  • Self-luminous products
  • Small quantities
  • Smoke detectors
  • Source Material Distribution
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