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Radiation Consulting for Metals Industries

Radiation Safety and Procedures for the Metals Workers

Improper disposal of radioactive materials has created an increased risk for workers in metals industries. Undetected sealed sources, military equipment, medical instrumentation, commercial nuclear and consumer products can become integrated in piles of scrap metal and, if undetected, turn up in metals facilities, causing contamination of equipment, costly downtime, and unnecessary radiation exposure.

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. works with safety organizations such as the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and has developed radiation consulting plans implemented by both the scrap metal recycling and metal melting industries to improve:

  • Detection of radioactive materials with portal monitors and handheld devices
  • Training on radioactive posting/labeling for visual identification of foreign radioactive materials
  • Development of melt plans to manage inadvertent introduction of a radioactive source into a furnace
  • Procedures to minimize radiation exposure and contamination spread
  • Safe handling/disposal procedures for detected radioactive materials

Our radiation consultants evaluate the needs of your facility and provide radiation safety training programslicense assistance and compliance audits to satisfy requirements from the NRC, Agreement States and other regulatory agencies.

Contact the metal industry radiation consultants at Engelhardt & Associates, Inc.