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Compliance Audits

Regulation Compliance Audits for Radioactive Materials

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. conducts in-depth compliance audits for industries using radioactive materials in process control across the United States. Radiation compliance audits include staff interviews, equipment testing, records review and site assessments to determine whether your industry meets government regulations, including:

  • Record keeping
  • Ventilation
  • Licensing
  • Leak tests

Our radiation consultants provide a detailed report of areas in need of improvement. Schedule a compliance audit.

Radiation Consultants Provide Custom Training for Regulation Compliance

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc offers remediation and radiation consulting for industries failing to meet government regulations in compliance audits. From writing procedures and facilitating radiation safety officer training to assisting with non-routine gauge maintenance and providing liaison services, our radiation consultants develop custom programs for your industry.

Contact the radiation consultants at Engelhardt & Associates, Inc.