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Radiation Safety Refresher Training for Nuclear Gauge Manufacturers

All personnel listed on nuclear gauge permits and radiation workers who handle, operate and transport nuclear gauges are required to participate in a radiation safety refresher training program every 1-3 years. Radiation safety officers (RSO) and government agencies document the completion of this training for regulatory compliance.

The radiation consultants at Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. have developed effective radiation safety refresher training for gauge manufacturing groups. Designed to meet all NRC and Agreement States requirements, our refresher training focuses on emergency and operating procedures for authorized nuclear gauge users.

Contact Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. for more information on radiation safety refresher training.

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Industrial Consulting
Leader in Industrial Radiation Safety

Provide complete set-up of radiation safety programs including procedures, written radiation safety programs and audit structure in accordance with regulatory guidance. Our radiation safety training classes are recognized by regulatory agencies as meeting intent of NUREG 1556 Volumes 1 and 4.

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SSDR & NRC Licensing
and Disposal in United States

Assist in radioactive material license applications, renewals and amendments, including Possession & Use licenses, e-Distribution licenses and SSDR. We navigate NRC/Agreement State radiation license approval process and correspond on your behalf.

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