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Possession and Use Licenses

Streamline Radiation Possession and Use License Applications and Amendments

Industrial facilities handling radioactive materials as a byproduct or source are required to obtain a possession and use license from the NRC, Agreement States or other regulatory agency governing their jurisdiction. Your industry will be required to provide detailed information, including:

  • The type, form and intended quantity of radioactive materials
  • Procedures for the use of radioactive materials
  • User qualifications and completion of radiation safety programs
  • Compliance with 10 CFR Parts 19-21 and 30-39 safety requirements

The radiation consultants at Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. assist industries worldwide in possession and use license applications and amendments. We provide radiation safety training programslicensing support and liaison services to streamline your application process.

Contact Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. for radiation possession and use license assistance.