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Sealed Source and Device Registration

Regulatory Compliance for Sealed Source and Device Registration

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. is one of the few U.S. companies that assists industries with sealed source and device registrations (SSDR). Our radiation consultants act as liaisons between your industry and regulatory agencies, including NRC, MHSA and Agreement States to facilitate compliance with the use and containment of radioactive materials.

Industries required to hold specific licenses or general licenses must undergo a detailed evaluation to obtain sealed source and device registration certificates. SSDR applications include analysis of:

  • Leak test frequency
  • Device or source design
  • Radiation survey meters
  • Safety interlocks/guards
  • Shielding efficiency
  • ANSI classification
  • Shutter operation
  • Conditions of use
  • Corrosion
  • Labeling

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. works with your industry to simplify the SSDR process. Contact our radiation consultants for more information.

SSDR Consulting for National and International Industries

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. provides SSDR guidance for industries nationwide. Our radiation consultants are experts in government regulations for every state. We’ve even provided international radiation consulting services in Germany and Japan.

We assess the needs of your industry and provide custom guidance through the sealed source and device registry process, including:

Contact Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. for assistance with SSDR applications.