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NRC/Agreement State Licensing

Radioactive Materials License Assistance

Radiation Consultants Simplify the Licensing Process

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc assists facilities across the United States with all stages of radioactive material licensing. Our radiation consultants use their extensive knowledge of program compliance and radiation licensure specifications to help you meet all NRC and government agency requirements.

We provide the consulting, radiation safety training and compliance audits required for new radiation licenses and renewals. After conducting a detailed evaluation of your facility’s operational and technical functions, our radiation consultants oversee the licensing process by:

  • Writing licenses, amendments and renewals in accordance with NRC/Agreement State regulations
  • Navigating the NRC/Agreement State license approval process and communicating on your behalf
  • Writing device registrations for NRC Washington approval
  • Minimizing license “tie-downs”
  • Ensuring security of radioactive sources
  • Updating security enhancements on renewals and amendments

Radioactive Material Licenses for Your Company

Engelhardt & Associates, Inc helps your facility attain licensure specific to your needs. We provide custom training programs and assistance for the radioactive material license approval process, including:

Contact the radiation consultants at Engelhardt & Associates for a licensure consultation.

Radiation Licenses for Any Industry

Our radiation consultants help your business maintain the highest level of safety while using radioactive materials in process control. We have experience assisting businesses with radioactive material licenses in a wide range of industries, including:

Industrial Consulting
Leader in Industrial Radiation Safety

Provide complete set-up of radiation safety programs including procedures, written radiation safety programs and audit structure in accordance with regulatory guidance. Our radiation safety training classes are recognized by regulatory agencies as meeting intent of NUREG 1556 Volumes 1 and 4.

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SSDR & NRC Licensing
and Disposal in United States

Assist in radioactive material license applications, renewals and amendments, including Possession & Use licenses, e-Distribution licenses and SSDR. We navigate NRC/Agreement State radiation license approval process and correspond on your behalf.

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